modEvA 2.0 now on CRAN!

The new version of modEvA (2.0) is now on CRAN! It can produce some new plots, such as the precision-recall curve and the histograms/densities of predicted values for presence and absence observations. It calculates some additional evaluation measures, such as the area under the precision-recall curve (function ‘AUC‘), mean precision (also function ‘AUC‘) and the F1 score (function ‘threshMeasures‘). These measures are now also among the outputs of functions ‘multModEv‘, ‘optiThresh‘ and ‘optiPair‘. I’ve also fixed some bugs that were present in the previous version on CRAN, such as an annoying error when using function ‘varPart‘ with only two factors. You should now uninstall the old version of the package and install the new one:



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