These are the software packages built so far with functions first released in the modTools blog:

  • Barbosa A.M., Brown J.A., Jiménez-Valverde A., Real R. (2013) modEvA: Model Evaluation and Analysis.
  • Barbosa (2015) fuzzySim: Fuzzy Similarity in Species Distributions.
  • Barbosa A.M., Marques J.T., Santos S.M., Lourenco A., Medinas D., Beja P., Mira A. (2016) DeadCanMove: Assess How Spatial Roadkill Patterns Change with Temporal Sampling Scheme.

Other packages I’m involved in, without being the lead author:

  • Olivero J., Hidalgo R., Márquez A.L., Barbosa A.M. & Real R. (2015) RMacoqui: Identifying and describing chorotypes based on similarity between species distributions.
  • Mestre F., Ascensão F. & Barbosa A.M (2018) gDefrag: Graph-Based Landscape De-Fragmentation.

4 thoughts on “Software

  1. I actually found the link and going through the tutorials. I have a question if you don’t mind. You mention that all the models generated with multGLM can be used at once on a dataset. Could you provide a small example showing it how is done? Thanks


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