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A. Márcia BARBOSA (post-doctoral research associate)
CIBIO/InBIO — University of Évora
7004-516 Évora, Portugal
e-mail: barbosa uevora pt [add the @ and .]

See my publication list here or at Scopus, ResearcherID, ORCID, Google Scholar, or ResearchGate. Article PDFs are available here — you can e-mail me for the password.

My research interests include biogeographymacroecology, species distribution modellingcomparative phylogeographybiodiversity patterns, and conservation. I work mainly on mammals and amphibians, but also on birds, reptiles, insects and other invertebrates, and occasionally plants. I’m particularly interested in integrating different scientific fields in multidisciplinary approaches and in developing and applying innovative methodologies, or adapting those traditionally used in other fields. I’m a promoter of free and open-source software and of time-, cost- and energy-efficient methods for research and its applications.

As an undergrad student at Porto University (Portugal) I did field and lab work on rocky-shore marine benthos and on otter (Lutra lutra) local distribution and feeding ecology in different parts of its Portuguese range. For my graduation thesis I did an internship at the Biogeography, Diversity and Conservation lab of the University of Málaga (Spain), where I set up a geographic information system, digitised a number of environmental variables, and modelled the larger-scale distribution of the otter in the Iberian Peninsula. I was later hired by the Spanish mammalogical society to do biogeographic analyses of the species included in the Spanish mammal atlas. I proceeded to do my PhD Thesis on biogeographic relationships between predators, prey and parasites in the Iberian Peninsula, focusing on a few mammal and helminth species and including comparative phylogeography. Afterwards, I was hired by the University of Extremadura at Cáceres (Spain) to do research on red deer phylogeography and spatial ecology. I then got a 6-year FCT post-doctoral fellowship co-hosted by Imperial College London (UK) and the University of Évora (Portugal), in which I studied wide-scale distributional and phylogeographical patterns of terrestrial vertebrates in the Mediterranean Basin.

Since January 2014, I am a Research Associate (‘Investigador FCT’) at CIBIO/InBIO – University of Évora (Portugal), working on maximization of large-scale efficiency in biodiversity management and conservation (see my ongoing project) and developing free software tools that implement innovative methods in that regard. My main focus is on terrestrial vertebrates (mammals, amphibians and reptiles), but I also collaborate with a network of international researchers to perform macroecological analyses on a range of other organisms including plants, birds, freshwater microfauna, and insects. I am a member of the International Biogeography Society, the Portuguese herpetological society, the Spanish mammalogical society and the British Ecological Society; a reviewer for several international journals; Associate Editor of Animal Conservation and of Ecology and Evolution; and coordinating editor of the Atlas of Mammals in Portugal. I am also a reviewer of research projects for the Czech Science Foundation and for the National Science Centre (Poland).

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: All is not about work! To stay sane and keep my horizons broad, I also dedicate some time to volunteering (mainly at the Food Bank Against Hunger and at the local dog shelter), urban sketching, traditional drums, a polyphonic choir, cyclotouring and volleyball.


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