Recent updates to previous functions

Just a quick note to let you know of changes introduced to some functions in recent versions of their packages:

  • multGLM, FDR and corSelect (package fuzzySim) now also include BIC (Bayesian Information Criterion, also known as Schwarz criterion, SBC or SBIC) for variable selection, making it more parsimonious especially for large sample sizes
  • multGLM (package fuzzySim) now allows choosing which FDR correction to apply (if FDR is set to TRUE). It uses “fdr(=”BH”) by default, but check p.adjust for other available methods, namely “BY” which allows for non-independent data
  • varPart (package modEvA) now does not ask for model.type, includes in the output diagram the proportion of unexplained variance, and allows defining a title (main) for the diagram
  • several modEvA functions now automatically omit NAs, and emit a warning instead of an error if there are pred values outside the [0,1] interval (which some models include in the output)

The help files of these functions have also been updated with further details. It is advisable to unsinstall fuzzySim and modEvA and install their latest versions.



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