Download several zip files automatically

I recently found out that a bunch of new past climate scenarios were made available on WorldClim, at least for past climate. While there may be more efficient ways to do this, here’s the R function I wrote to download several of them automatically based on the URLs (link locations) of the .zip files:

downloadZips <- function(zip.urls, zip.names = NULL, = NULL, unzip = FALSE) {
# zip.names: names to give the downloaded zip files (if different from the original ones)
# name of the directory folder in which to store the downloaded files
# unzip: logical, whether or not to unzip the files after downloading
  stopifnot(is.null(zip.names) | length(zip.names) == length(zip.urls))
  if (!is.null( {
  if (is.null(zip.names))  zip.names <- tools::file_path_sans_ext(basename(zip.urls))
  for (z in 1:length(zip.urls)) {
    message("\nDownloading zip ", z, " of ", length(zip.urls), " (", zip.names[z], ")...\n")
    zip.file <- paste(zip.names[z], "zip", sep = ".")
    download.file(zip.urls[z], zip.file)
    if (unzip) {
      message("Unzipping file to folder '", zip.names[z], "'...")
      unzip(zip.file, exdir = zip.names[z])
    }  # end if unzip
  }  # end for z
}  # end downloadZips function

Usage examples (mind that these large files take quite a while to download):

# LGM:
downloadZips(zip.urls = c("", "", ""), zip.names = c("CCSM4", "MIROC_ESM", "MPI_ESM_P"), = "LGM")
# Mid Holocene:
downloadZips(zip.urls = c("", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""), zip.names = c("BCC_CSM1_1", "CCSM4", "CNRM_CM5", "HadGEM2_CC", "HadGEM2_ES", "IPSL_CM5A_LR", "MIROC_ESM", "MPI_ESM_P", "MRI_CGCM3"), = "MidHol")
# Last Inter-Glacial:
downloadZips(zip.urls = "", zip.names = "LIG_30s", = "LIG")

[presented with Pretty R]



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