Replace a text string in all files within a folder

Imagine you have your package skeleton, with its functions in separate files in the ‘R‘ folder and their help files in the ‘man‘ folder. Now imagine you change your mind about the name of a function or argument which may appear in several of these files. It can be painfully dull and error-prone to replace the name manually or file-by-file… The gsubMultFiles function below changes a character string globally by applying the gsub R function to the texts of all files in a given directory (it can also be used to replace text in files other than R skeletons). Alternatively, you may only want to search for a character string and see in which files it appears.

searchStringInFiles <- function(path, pattern, replacement = NULL, recursive = TRUE, ...) {
  # version 2.0 (17 Apr 2015)
  odir <- getwd()
  files <- list.files(".", recursive = recursive)
  if (is.null(replacement)) {
    for (f in files) {
      if (length(grep(pattern, readLines(f))) > 0) {
        cat("\n", f, "\n", sep = "")
        cat(">>> contains '", pattern, "'!\n", sep = "")
      }  # end if length
    }  # end for f
  } else {
    for (f in files) {
      in.text <- readLines(f)
      out.text <- gsub(pattern = pattern, replacement = replacement, x = in.text, ...)
      cat(out.text, sep = "\n", file = f)
    }  # end for f
  }  # end else
}  # end searchStringInFiles function

[presented with Pretty R]

Load the function and give it your (package) folder path, the character string you want to search for, and (optionally) the replacement for this string:

gsubMultFiles(path = “/home/user/Documents/myPackages/supeR”, pattern = “MYfunction”)

gsubMultFiles(path = “/home/user/Documents/myPackages/supeR”, pattern = “MYfunction”, replacement = “myFunction”)

Mind that global text replacements can get a bit out of control if not used and double-checked carefully. Beware! And backup your package before trying to pull off something like this. (Anyway, this can be undone with the same command after switching the pattern and replacement arguments, I think).



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