modTools: simple tools for simpler modelling

This website provides a series of free software tools, mostly written in R, that can be used for various tasks related to the analysis of species’ distribution and ecology (although many of them can be applied to other purposes). Most of them are now being included in R packages — please cite the appropriate package (mentioned in the blog post featuring each function) if you use these tools, which are released under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Please note that these tools are experimental (like R, they come with absolutely no warranty) and occasionally edited with corrections or improvements, so preferably check back for the latest version before you use a function.

Leave a comment here if you use these functions in publications — this way I can cite you in the blog, track how people are using the tools, and justify the time and effort dedicated to them. Thanks are due to Arpat Ozgul and François Guilhaumon, who helped me through the steep part of the R learning curve (to me it was actually more like an overhang). Comments and suggestions are very welcome, although a quick response cannot be guaranteed!


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